Monday, November 24, 2008

Compose Short Funny Love Poems on Your iPhone

Some might say poetry is not among the main interests of people today, but there are many still dreaming of beautiful or ugly things, which raises the inspiration intensity levels that could give birth to interesting compositions or short funny love poems. This talent, if you like, is encouraged by Neutrinos, a software consultancy that collaborates with Apple to provide various applications enabling users to express themselves as they like in any circumstances.It introduced the PoetrySinger software application to allow creative people having an iPhone or iPod Touch to compose and share poetry via the advanced multi-touch sensitive interface of the world’s most popular handset.
They can share the poems with fiends by publishing them directly from the iPhone on the website, so the others to be able to download them and enjoy the playback. Uploads and downloads are performed wirelessly at high speeds, thanks to the 3G connectivity support. David Peixotto, CTO of Neutrinos, explains in short words:"We wanted to create a new level of interaction for magnetic tile poetry fans. PoetrySinger kicks this off by allowing people to interact by their publishing their poems online."
The cool aspect of the story is that the new application allows you to playback the poems with spoken voice, just to make it more fun and enjoyable, in addition to the interface that displays your words on magnetic tiles."We realized that this would allow us to create audio recordings of each word so that poems can be read back out loud without a speech synthesizer," said Neutrinos' co-founder, Rob Banagale.
After you install the applications, all the future updates will come automatically.The purchase price was not yet unveiled, as the PoetrySinger is prepared for the availability on iTunes.

One of The iPhone 3G Problems Solved

We know that many of you complained about iPhone 3G problems and some have even returned their handsets back to the telecommunication company. One of these issues is the short battery life that reaches two days in the happiest case.Trying to solve this problem, Incase, a manufacturer of high-quality cases, introduced an innovative solution that works both as a protective case for all-day wear, as well as a battery backup for the iPhone.

The product is called the Power Slider and, according to the company, doubles the battery life of your iPhone 3G. It is the world’s first cell phone case with charging capabilities, solving one of the main iPhone 3G problems, and works like this: It integrates a 1330mAh lithium-ion polymer battery with special designed circuitry to fit inside this thin case. It enables continuous charge for the iPhone 3G’s battery, thanks to the smart system that drains power in order to keep the handset’s battery fully charged. Power Slider keeps your iPhone 3G’s battery fully charged until it consumes and then it lets the handset’s battery to start consuming too.

In addition, Power Slider case comes with a 5-LED light indicator that shows the battery life, the sync mode and charging. It comes with a custom USB 2.2 cable for fast high-capacity charging and data transfers, being compatible with all USB ports featuring 5V at 1A output.
The case is certified by Apple’s "Works with iPhone" program and offers up to 330 hours additional standby time, additional 26 hours of audio playback, 5 hours more talk time via 3G, 10 hours more talk time via the 2G network, up to 7 hours more video playback, and up to 5 hours more Internet transfers via 3G or 6 hours more with Wi-Fi.
It's price is a bit high, starting at $99.95, but it covers the costs for separate battery and durable case, saving time for aquiring these as well. The case that solves one of the iPhone 3G problems is available at Apple’s stores worldwide."We developed Power Slider for the large and growing community of iPhone 3G users that utilize the device to its full extent as an all-in-one communication and entertainment tool and, as a result, find themselves in need of extended battery life," states Erik Wahlstrom, President and CEO of Incase. "Power Slider more than doubles the battery life of iPhone 3G in the form of a hardshell protective case, in addition to allowing for syncing and charging without removing the device. These features create a seamless iPhone user experience that enable users to continue to take full advantage of the iPhone 3G as the platform continues to grow in its scope and utility."